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Video Production & Sound Recording Studio

SpacePepper Studio is the one stop solution to problems faced by bands and artists to give a finishing touch to their raw talent. We not only blanket the professional production services inclusive of Video and Music production but also the services for Corporates, Brands, Entertainment houses and others involved in the art of story-telling!

Along with providing space, we make sure that your ideas blend perfectly with the impeccable combination of audio and video. Here at SpacePepper, we encourage fresh thoughts, unique concepts and harmonious tunes which can add rhythm to the soul.

The video production company was incorporated in 2015, giving life to all stages of production comprising of corporate videos, Short films, Advertisements and all your whims and fancies. Our superheroes are driven by innovation, creativity, an experienced and talented leadership. They have dedicated themselves to music video production, corporate video production, music recording as well as to the excellent jam space for steering jamming sessions that an aspiring band will need to let the music flow.

“To contrive is nothing, to construct is something but to PRODUCE is EVERYTHING!”

A good video production company steps into the shoes of the viewers want to create content that is both informative and eye catchy at the same time. We at SpacePepper thrive to exist on this rule and provide our clients productions to the best of our ability.

The corporate world is also not far gone from us. To match up the standards of our clients we deliver what they endeavour for. A corporate video is a medium through which a company or an industry is able to epitomise themselves to the outside world. Every corporate video signifies something essential about the company. It seeks to incorporate the ideals, philosophy, mission and most importantly the vision of the company. A cost-effective means to promote the company and make their presence felt in the competitive corporate world is their foremost objective.

Be an opportunist and profit from the most essential resource – the space to create a story so compelling that your potential customers, employees and other stakeholders know the key values your organization goes by. The customers will see you differently and give you their time and money once they feel the connection. With all the creativity as well as the information, we will be an inch ahead of what your competitors have to offer.

To do all of this, we have a state of the art set of equipment’s with latest technological resources and a team of professionals who are experts in their domains.

Our aim at SpacePepper is to provide best in class video production services to our clients. If you are looking for a space and a dedicated crew for a film production, then our spacious, state-of-the-art rehearsal, recording and creative cosmos with a well-appointed environment never ceases to inspire imagination.