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Jampad – Jam Space in South Delhi

Music is life, and jam pads are the life saviours!

SpacePepper understands you and lets you express your soul out without fearing to disturb your neighbours. Stop the whispering of songs and pretending to drum with imaginary sticks? Introducing the best jam pad in South Delhi – SpaceJam, SpacePepper twitches an off-the-art Studio that gives many bands and artists an expansive Jam Pad to Rehearse, Record and Jam.

Improvising sessions help in coordinating, creating, practicing, and memorizing your melodies at the right beat. But most of all, they create bonds that stem from one common thing that you all love – music. Jamming sessions can aid you to balance your mind, body and soul. You jive with the people you comprehend with and share a common goal of creating a finger tapping music.

A Jam Pad is not only a place to invent but a place for like-minded people to share the mutual sense and love for music, art and dance to interact and enhance their skills. Space Jam provides the atmosphere for such performers to unlock the door of inventiveness and to practice one’s art with wild abandon. Being one of the best Jam space in Delhi, we have provided many opportunities from mature to amateur artists to move towards achieving their dreams in this music sanctuary. Record your sessions and analyse your performance. If you think you have found the perfect den, then spread freely like the lion.

The studio has been a portal to help artists ripen their skills and acts as a backbone to make their own way in the industry. A place not like any other, incites the upcoming artists for no need of any other space in Delhi. With exceptional acoustics and sound services it helps them to be a YouTube sensation. Jamming with SpacePepper would transport you to a different world with the soundproof setting and a comfortable seating.



SpaceJam, SpacePepper Studio’s sound vertical has given Delhi bands and artists a spacious state-of-the-art rehearsal, music recording and creative space, and a well-appointed environment that inspires imagination. SpaceJam, a jampad with a difference, where after practice, you can jam to let loose! Close to Apollo Hospital, South Delhi.

  • Spacious

  • Sound Treated

  • Free WiFi

  • Metro Connect

  • Natural Light

  • Future Ready

  • Book the space at Just Rs. 250/- an hour


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