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Videos are the most engaging content that we find on our social media pages today. The amount of people who consume videos online have doubled since 2018, this is why 86% of business prioritize videos as an essential marketing tool.

Videos are an excellent choice if one wants to send across a message within a limited time frame. It allows you more creative liberty as video making involves a lot of elements.

If your brand is represented through professional production in a sustainable and efficient way then its benefits are quite long-lasting.

Let us walk through the steps of video production. An ideal video production goes through three elaborate phases known as -


Pre-production is the initial step of video production, this process usually involves charting out a specific plan. During this process, it is necessary for you to sit with your team and discuss the following questions.

  • What are you aiming to produce? - Under this question, we discuss the primary objective behind producing content. When we aim to make engaging content it is necessary to discuss the themes & genres you want your message to be associated with for example NGO’s usually aim to produce videos with a strong social message, Fashion Industry often posts videos related to styling & self-care, Corporate Companies make videos that involve an elaborate product launch so on and so forth. Hence, it becomes important to set an achievable goal before shooting the video. So that all the technicalities align with it. You can choose to prepare a script or a storyboard for a better outlay.
  • Who is your target audience? Just like any other commercial commodity, all visual productions have a specific consumer base. Identifying your consumer base is really important in order to ensure better customer engagement. Your target audience is usually your customers, competitors, or people who take an interest in the field of your work. Your aim should be to create a video that is of professional quality and serves the aesthetic interest of your audience.
  • Which platform is your video going to be uploaded to? Different social media pages have different algorithms, different sizes, upload limits, and consumer engagement strategies. Therefore a standard video production is not feasible to ensure views and engagement. Hence deciding which social media platform you cater to becomes a priority.
  • Your production budget & the duration of your production? Now let us come to the most important part of your video production Budget & Duration, these two factors are directly proportional. The longer you stretch a production, the budget assigned to it is likely to increase. As the equipment and technologies used for professional video production like cameras, lighting, actors, generators, editing tools, etc. should be reliable. It thus becomes really important to set a production budget and duration before the actual shoot.

One should consider hiring a professional videographer as well as a production team as they would ease the entire process the same time ensuring incorporation of the trending details in your production which will help you acquire a solid consumer engagement.

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Let us now talk about the actual video production. With your plan and budget in mind, it is now your job as a stakeholder to ensure everything is in coherence with your agendas. This part of the process involves the

  • Role of a director in order to ensure your aspiration has a great physical embodiment.
  • Setting up the lights in accordance with your production theme.
  • Setting up the cameras
  • Ensuring an elaborate set designing
  • Getting good B-roll footage.

Post Production

This process involves a skilled editor. Post video production asks for

  • Choosing the best shots and merging them together.
  • Editing the videos to include background music, subtitles, voiceover, or ther elements.
  • Color enhancement and other special effects.
  • Ensuring that the video is set to your desired length and in coherence with your target social media platform.

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