What is a Record label? How do Record Labels Turn a Profit?

Introduction Have you ever considered your existence without music? We are surrounded by music every step of the way and every minute of the day. The sound of typing, footfall, birds tweeting, and bees buzzing reminds us of lovely music. Music may help us connect with our inner emotions and even relax our minds. Many […]

Everything You Need to Know About Voice Dubbing

Introduction A million moving pieces go into making a film, and dubbing adds another. Voice Dubbing can significantly enhance the richness of the speech and help the excellent piece be professionally produced. Therefore, there’s every reason to consider dubbing an added advantage. In the movie industry, dubbing has opened up more options. It can help […]

Tips to Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Video

When one envisions to carry out an end to end video production they need to keep a few technicalities in mind. Good cameras, efficient space and styling are key elements but good lighting tops the priority list. Cameras need good lighting to produce a quality image and reels. However, planning lighting is quite tricky as […]

Top 5 Stages of Creating Your First Video

Making a video can be daunting since many aspects need consideration. Your audience’s engagement depends on the quality of video content you offer them. Unlike the traditional times, video recording is relatively easy today, thanks to the high-quality technologies that make it possible. Whether an expert or a newbie in video creation, you need foresight, […]

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