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SpacePepper's warm and welcoming Audio Studio in New Delhi has hosted a number of well-known and upcoming musicians alike from throughout the country. Our professional team of audio specialists, is powered by prominent brands such as UAD, Laney, Neumann, and Manley, among others, to assure the finest quality on all your works.

Our Work



Take My Time, Music Video


Vitz Zhimo

Rono Kent


Alright - Tk Lemtur feat

Animated Lyric Video


Temsu Clover

Happy faces, Music Video


Mozzey - Come With Me

Virie & Zaza


Porkjet - Sway

Rock, Music Video


Sosin Naomi - Easy On Me

Cover, Unplugged, Music Video


Zaeden - Tempted To Touch

Pop Music Video


Chookar Mere Mann Ko - Suryaveer

Bollywood Cover- Music Video


Knight Shades - NO!

Rock and Roll/Hard Rock

Our Services

With a collection of several microphones routed through the state of the art preamps, there is absolutely nothing we can't capture in the highest quality. Rent out our facility that is trusted by prominent musicians like Mohit Chauhan, and Jubin Nautiyal and head over to record your next single, E.P or album with our talented in-house team.



Mohit Chauhan - Ae Watan

Audio, Bollywood, Semi - Classical Fusion


Achieve the sound of your dreams and take your music production to the next level with our highquality arrangement, mixing and mastering services. Focus on unleashing your creative genius - and we'll take care of the rest!

Enhance the dialogues of your Ads, films or animations through unbelievable quality recorded on our renowned Manley microphones.



We make music that makes people whistle, hum, and tap their feet. Make your advertisements memorable with our catchy tunes in Hindi or English. We can also help you find session musicians and voice over artists for your production.

Are your fans dying to listen to you perform live? Are you missing the stage? Whether you are a solo artist or a band, now perform for a virtual concert from our studio complete with a multicam setup and the highest quality audio for your online gig - manned by our in-house team of experts.

Virtual Gigs

Delhi Indie Project- Live performance

Indie rock band- Virtual Gig

SpacePepper LiveOn Special Discount Right Now!!

SpacePepper Live is a unique one of its kind offering that amalgamates the thrill of playing live as a band with the high quality and precision of a studio audio. With our immense white cyclorama as your stage, recreate your magic as we record you through our state of the art audio studio and shoot you playing live through a multicam setup. Walk away with up to 5 music videos that are ready for youtube and songs that are geared for a release as your live album on Spotify - all at a ridiculously pocket friendly budget!

Notable Clients

Mohit Chauhan - SpacePepper Client
Mohit Chauhan
Jubin Nautiyal - SpacePepper Client
Jubin Nautiyal
Kanika Kapoor - SpacePepper Client
Kanika Kapoor
The Suryansh Project - SpacePepper Client
The Suryansh Project
The Delhi Indie Project - SpacePepper Client
The Delhi Indie Project
Raga - SpacePepper Client

Why SpacePepper Studios?

Music has to go beyond the auditory aspect in order to have a long-lasting impact on the audience.

With this idea in mind, SpacePepper offers you a fully equipped sound recording studio that can be the most conducive environment to creating soulful music.

As an established audio recording studio in South Delhi, we believe in delivering the highest possible quality music. Without the presence of quality, there cannot be good music.

We also offer the best and budget-friendly rates and you are sure to find us in a search result for an audio recording studio in Delhi price. A long-lasting customer base can be developed only if we offer the best services at reasonable prices. This is what distinguishes us from other professional audio recording studio and makes us one of the best recording studios in Delhi.

If you are focused on music that lifts the spirits and appeals to listeners across generations, you can be assured of the best support from the best audio recording studio - that is SpacePepper.

As much as music is important to films, for example, dubbing is equally crucial to enhance the overall experience of a movie. The sound effects and music play an unquestionable role in deepening the impact of a movie. Together, sound and music enhance the overall audio-visual endeavour. SpacePepper’s latest technological equipment makes it one of the most sought-after audio recording studio in Delhi NCR.

Creating music or sound can have its own workflow. At SpacePepper, we assure you of an extensive range of services that can cater to the entire process of music production. Whether it is the laying of a track or synchronising it, SpacePepper gives you all the support that you may need to create music that appeals to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Manage a Recording studio?

To manage a music recording studio, you need to have a technical understanding of recording music. It could be a strenuous task if you have no idea what you are getting into and have to dive deeper even before you consider opening a studio.

The foremost task is to identify the music recording services you would offer. Based on this, you can bring in essential gear and equipment. You also need to maintain proper managing day-to-day and administrative tasks. Hence, you must identify the number of employees you would like to hire and keep a vital check on your financial system.

You can choose to outsource agencies for promoting your studio on social media or hire an internal team. If you lack knowledge about the music industry and other systems, learn it or hire experts to do it.

What If I Make A Small Mistake? Do I Have To Perform The Whole Song Again?

Inside the song recording studio, the singer gets to record separately before laying out the track and merging it with the voice. With hoards of software and equipment, singers do not have to redo their performances, and they get the chance to record separate audios and select the best one with the right pitch and tone.

The advancement of tech has enabled sound engineers to re-record the part with some issue and merge it with the original track. Even though professional singers choose to perform the whole song from the beginning, a feasible option is always present.

What if my Pitch is a Little off? can you fix it?

Fixing your pitch is no more an issue with SpacePepper Studios. We help you balance your pitch in a track through our excellent and cutting-edge tools and technology. SpacePepper is one of the most renowned recording studios, known for its fantastic and flawless production.

Whether a professional band or a budding artist, SpacePepper, a famous music recording studio in Delhi, offers a plethora of sound recording services to fix even the most minor issues in soundtracks. Similarly, a soundtrack might often have a dynamic pitch where your pitch goes off in specific areas. SpacePepper makes sure to resolve them to produce a smooth soundtrack.

Several recording studios in Delhi can help fix the pitch and tune of a soundtrack through their tools and technology. However, one must also check the price, reviews, and ratings before selecting a studio capable of fixing such issues in Delhi.

Which audio file format do you use in professional recording studios?

The most common audio file formats in professional recording studios are .wav and .aiff. They are both lossless formats, implying that their sound quality will not be degraded while resaving. Thus they are the most commonly used ones. WAVE (.wav) or AIFF (.aif) are virtually interchangeable as they are non-compressed PCM files. The only difference is that AIFF works primarily for Macs while WAVE is for Windows.

SpacePepper Studios, being a well-known audio recording studio in Delhi, has a highly skilled music production crew that can accommodate whatever kind of audio requirement you may have. The sound engineers have expertise in recording, production, mixing, mastering, and delivering the suitable sound module depending on your need. .

Can your professional recording studio make my voice sound better, as I don't have the best voice?

Yes, a reputable recording and production studio is ideal for recording and mixing voices to get better results. These studios' recording and monitoring rooms are designed specially by audio engineers or acousticians to help artists achieve optimum acoustic properties.

Best recording studios these days have tools that assist you to stay in tune, add depth, reverb, echo, and experiment with your performance. Other advantages of recording in a studio include having access to the appropriate environment, high-tech equipment, and even outside editing support, all of which contribute to the output quality equally.