Professional Live Video Streaming

The pandemic has pushed the industry to rethink event planning. Beyond simply live streaming an event for remote viewers, virtual broadcast is a purposeful, digital-only execution with remote viewers treated as the primary audience. Events that previously used to happen with huge physical attendance are now going completely digital, making the use of live video streaming.

Technical Excellence & Support

Our live production team is able to deliver an incredibly wide range of services for clients of any size and level of technical sophistication. Whether you are seeking small-scale setups or full-scale live production support, our team is well-equipped to meet your needs. We have the skills and technology to handle all aspects of virtual event production, including live video streaming, chroma-based editing, and technical support.

Our goal is to create engaging and dynamic virtual experiences that captivate remote viewers and deliver an immersive event atmosphere. With our expertise in live production, we can seamlessly integrate multiple video sources, incorporate interactive elements, and ensure a smooth streaming experience for participants around the globe.

Undertaking any native or digital event requires the perfect set up. With this in mind, SpacePepper Studios is the perfect space to conduct your Live or pre-recorded virtual events. Our state-of-the-art facility located in the well-connected Mohan Estate Industrial Area, New Delhi features a 13ft high, 400 Sqft two-walled chroma cyclorama background (26 x 15 x 13) with lighting grid, ample power supply, high speed Internet and dressing area. Looking to make an impact with your virtual event? Utilise our dedicated and immersive studio to ensure your event is slick and polished.”


Broadcasting refers to the distribution of audio or video content to a wide audience through various means, such as radio, television, or online streaming. It involves transmitting or streaming the content over specific frequencies or through digital platforms to reach a broad audience.

When choosing a broadcasting platform, consider factors such as the target audience and their preferred platforms, the scalability and reliability of the platform, the available features and customization options, compatibility with your equipment and software, pricing and licensing requirements, and the level of customer support and technical assistance provided by the platform.

We can broadcast your content on various platforms, including television networks, online streaming platforms, and social media channels. We’ll help you determine the best platforms to reach your target audience and deliver your content effectively.

A broadcast schedule is a predetermined plan that outlines the timing and sequence of video content to be aired on a television network or broadcasting platform. It includes information such as air times, program durations, and any special events or programming blocks.
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