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white background studio
white background studio
white background studio

Designed for the Best Experience

If you’re searching for a fully equipped studio space on rent for your next shoot, SpacePepper Studios is the right place. Our state-of-the-art facility located in the well-connected Mohan Estate Industrial Area, New Delhi features a 13ft high, 400 Sqft two-walled cyclorama green screen and white background (26 x 15 x 13) with lighting grid, ample power supply, dressing area, hair & makeup room, and client lounge.

Our air-conditioned studio is thoughtfully designed to support all your requirements in terms of a photography and video studio in Delhi. We offer a 2000 square feet of open pillar-free studio space for rent designed with thoughtful care to provide space to set up your production, build sets, and host workshops.

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cyclorama studio

Chroma Cyclorama Studio

Software programs that produce the virtual backgrounds and special effects (which can be seen in movies and various video applications) require that filming be done against an absolutely seamless, i.e. no visible corners or shadowing, chromakey backdrop which is then painted a very specific shade of blue or green. Our state-of-the-art studio meets the growing demand for chroma studios for rent in Delhi NCR.

The cyclorama is any kind of walled background, having one or more curved surfaces, that creates the illusion of a seamless structure without any beginning or end. It is designed in such a way that it is impossible to distinguish where the floor ends and the wall begins. In a cyclorama, the curved surfaces are called “coves”. These coves are used to connect the right-angle intersections between the wall and floor, or the wall and the ceiling, or even to connect one wall to another.

A good cyclorama studio is the perfect solution to meet the needs of a virtual set and is great for working with digital photography backgrounds too. For your chroma shooting needs, look no further than SpacePepper Studios. We offer our green screen cyclorama studio which is the best for your colour keying, colour-separation overlay related shoots.

Expert Consultation

We also have an in-house team to execute commercial audio and video production projects like advertisements, music videos, corporate films, podcasts and documentaries. We are equipped with the most advanced production equipment, a massive studio space and highly experienced team of experts to carry out projects of any size.

If your next photoshoot or video production calls for a studio rental, please feel free to reach out to our team who can advise on availability and cost. Share your requests and budgets with us and we will provide you with cost-effective quotes for studio rental, equipment or anything else you might need.