By combining 3 ready to use solid cyclorama backgrounds with industrial grade light grids to create a modern, turnkey video production studio. The studio delivers significant savings to content creators–at the same time, providing higher-quality and more room to get creative with their ideas.

Gone are the days of renting a warehouse, making dozens of calls to assemble backdrops, searching the right technical crew, and piecing together rental gear from all over town. SpacePepper Studios got it all covered for you.

We house an amazing custom-built 30’L x 15′ D x 13’H two-corner white cyclorama with an industrial grade lighting grid on top. Ideal for music videos, product shoots, advertisement, live streaming, photography, and a variety of other use cases.

Our Chroma cyclorama setup measures 23’L X 14’D X 12’H pre-lit from the industrial-grade lighting grid on top. Providing a seamless background with no corners for an easy process of keying.

Our air-conditioned studio is thoughtfully designed to support all your requirements in terms of a photography and video recording studio in Delhi. We offer 2000 square feet of open pillar-free studio space for rent designed with thoughtful care to provide space to set up your production, build sets, and host workshops.

Our latest addition to the studio is the 18’L X 15’D X 11’H Black Box. Built with a high gloss reflective floor + 3 Matte finish black walls and ceiling.

The structure is equipped with an industrial grade lighting grid on top for mounting any type of lights.The BlackBox works perfectly with all kinds of lighting setup and is suitable for music videos, corporate videos, podcasts or any kind of requirement for a low-key background.

Planning your next shoot?

We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re filming a commercial, a corporate video, a product demo, or any other creative project, our expert studio consultants are here to assist you every step of the way. From the studio availability to fulfilling your equipment and crew requirements, we can take care of it all


Absolutely! We encourage clients to visit our amazing studio. Simply contact us to schedule a tour and see our facilities, equipment, and production capabilities firsthand.

Our studio rental process is simple. Contact our team to discuss your project requirements and desired rental duration. We offer competitive pricing based on the duration and specific services needed. Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with a customized quote tailored to your project.

Our studio has a flexible capacity to accommodate larger-scale productions. Whether you need space for a full-scale film shoot, a multi-camera production, or a live event, we can provide the necessary space and equipment to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll tailor our services accordingly.

Absolutely! We welcome clients who prefer to bring their own crew or equipment. Our studio is flexible and can accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Just let us know in advance, and we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth production process.

In addition to our production services, our studio offers amenities such as comfortable client lounges, dressing rooms, makeup areas, kitchenette and production offices. We aim to provide a comprehensive and comfortable environment for our clients and their teams during their time in the studio.


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