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SpacePepper’s Best-in-Class Film Production House in Delhi

Film production has always been synonymous with Mumbai, considering the wide variety of film production houses that are on offer in the city. Not anymore! With the advent of new-age agencies like SpacePepper, you are sure to find the best-in-class film production house in Delhi as well.
Known for producing award-winning films, documentaries and even corporate videos, SpacePepper is the place to go to if you are looking for a video production house in Delhi. If you are looking to showcase your talent as a film or movie artist and are exploring options for film production houses in Delhi NCR, your search can end with SpacePepper.

Making of Films and Corporate Videos

Movie making is a complex art. Only a few could master it in the earlier days with limited technology. Now, with a number of advanced technological options available in the market, it is easy for any amateur to make a movie or a video.
What we at SpacePepper promise to offer you is uninterrupted access to the best-quality equipment and ambience within the audio and video space. This, combined with ample physical space, can help you weave magic behind the movie camera. We aim to be the first choice for any movie maker in the future and become a premier video production company in Delhi.

Our Expertise in Film Production

Right from the birth of a new project to the pre- and post-production requirements as well as final distribution, SpacePepper specialises in it all. There might be other film production houses in Delhi NCR, but when it comes to SpacePepper, we assure capability, capacity and continuity. Filmmakers do not stop after making one or two films. They innovate constantly - and this innovation reflects in every new project that they undertake. Keeping this in mind, SpacePepper has specialised in film production. Here’s how.

We understand that the viewers have always been at the centre of SpacePepper’s evolution. It’s the viewers who decide the content in today’s modern era. Meeting client expectations is not easy unless one aims to deliver the best. Corporate videos that talk about the lifespan of a company, and highlight its positives, is what SpacePepper can allow you to design. Create an intriguing story, which is the reason behind any movie video. SpacePepper is proud to be able to cater to, and associate with, filmmakers who have this single-minded focus - to create vibrant and impeccable moving visuals that tell a compelling story.

The Way Forward

Film or video production can be a tiring task unless you have all the resources in one place, which allow for ease of execution. SpacePepper is designed as a film production house that caters to the exhaustive requirements of any film- or video-making activity. So, go ahead and entice your audience with a marvellous movie that they can watch numerous times. Visit SpacePepper and enter the fascinating world of film production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Video Production Process Involve?

A video shot with a smartphone is a good kickstart, but a professional video has a different story to say. A video production company puts all its efforts into making a video perfect for marketing.

The professional video production process categories are as follows:


It is a building block. Developing a schedule, scripts, storyboards, and sourcing resources like talent, equipment, and venues are what it entails.


It is all about filming. Scenes, shots, alternate shots, and even behind-the-scenes are shot and stored as raw footage.

Post Production

Editing, arranging shots as per script/story, giving a feel to the whole video with colour grading, visual effects, and adding elements are the primary tasks performed in post-production. It also includes publishing.

What Types Of Video Production Services Do You Offer?

Various types come under the umbrella term “video production”. They all need tailor-made videos from corporate to startup brands and artists to NGOs. The best video production house in Delhi provides the following types of video production services:


Showreels are the best to show the world the way you work or work.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos help your organisation win the heart of the crowd.

Advertisement Videos

Promotional videos are short but adequate to make your product/services sell.

Music Videos

Videos for artists, bands, and music labels are made in a trendy manner.

Explainer Videos

Complex concepts to product usage and explainer videos are the best to convey your message.

Event Videos

Hosting an event is a big thing, then why not capture the moments? Event video shoots are good to go.

Short Movies

Short movies and documentaries can add emotions to your brand, organisation or anything.

Why Should you choose a video Production House for your brand?

Online marketing is not complete without videos. Brands need compelling videos, and video production houses can help them. Here is why your brand needs video production houses.


Having a brand story is essential, but the way you tell it is more important. This is what production houses do with perfection.


Visualisation helps you land in the hearts of the audience. Professional video makers add life to videos with animations, VFX, and cinematography.

Save Time & Money

Video production eats time and money. Why spend that much for a single video? A video production company can get you that at a much lower price.

Stand Out

Brands stand out with compelling, attractive and catchy videos. Professional video makers accomplish it with stories, animations, visuals, typography, and colour grading.