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As recent times have taught us, the only way to safely organize an event is virtual. The pandemic has pushed the industry to rethink event planning. Events that previously used to happen with huge physical attendance are now going completely digital, making the use of live videos and chroma based editing. Virtual events are going to be the norm for a foreseeable future. They could be anything from a company’s annual event, product launch to an online concert. We believe this trend in the event space is here to stay; events are going to keep evolving in this direction in the months to come. As more events go virtual and the industry focused on delivering value in a virtual format, we’re dedicated to extending our services for such requirements.

SpacePepper Studios is the perfect space to conduct your Live or pre-recorded virtual events. Our state-of-the-art facility located in the well-connected Mohan Estate Industrial Area, New Delhi features a 13ft high, 400 Sqft two-walled chroma cyclorama background (26 x 15 x 13) with lighting grid, ample power supply, high speed internet, dressing area, hair & makeup room, and client lounge.

Looking to make an impact with your virtual event? Utilise our dedicated and immersive studio to ensure your event is slick and polished.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Conduct Online Events?

The global pandemic has disrupted the live ground events industry. With people stuck at home, brands and companies switched from physical to live online events. But the pandemic and associated restrictions are not the only reason. There are other reasons for this switch.

No Limitation

There is no limitation on the size of the audience for live online events as is the case with physical events.


Physical events are more expensive to organize as compared to online events.

Content Distribution

Distributing an online event's content is much easier than offline events, especially with increased connectivity and digitisation of media.


Repurposing is very crucial these days. Making Youtube shorts & Instagram reels out of your live online events is easy and beneficial. It ensures a wider reach and consumption of content.

What Types of Virtual Events Do You Offer?

We are equipped with all kinds of resources required for any live virtual events. We have everything from a massive green screen chroma studio to a white cyclorama studio. We can cover the following virtual events and more:

Corporate Events

From annual corporate events to product launches and online exhibitions, we can cater to all your requirements.


Webinars at a larger scale are not feasible to conduct with your personal computer. It would help if you had professional equipment, and we have them all.


Whether you are an artist, coach, trainer, or influencer, and are launching something significant through an online event, rest assured we can get this premiere covered with a series of live virtual events.

What Kinds Of Tools Are Used For Online Events?

A variety of tools are used for streamed or live online events, and all of them play a significant role. Here is the list of tools that are used:

Recording Equipment

Professional recording equipment is the primary thing that is a must. It can be a regular smartphone, but a professional camera is a must for the best quality.

Lighting Setup

No matter how good your recording setup, without lights, it is nothing. Having no sufficient and perfectly dropping light on your subject will make it worse.


Color grading, editing & adding brand artwork is necessary. All can be done via software. The live streaming software is also required for live online events.