Product Photography: Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Photo Shoot

During the pandemic many business owners decided to take their brand online. One of the first key requirements to build a strong online brand is to work on your visual identity. High Quality photographs of your products is an essential part of building up your website and social media handles. 

Product photography, also known as E-commerce Photography, is the new marketing mantra for commercial brands especially those who sell their products/ services online. It has become one of the popular methods of customer attraction & engagement, professionally shot photographs inspire purchase as it shows the potential of your service to your target audience. 

In general terms product photography refers to the photos taken to be used on website & social media pages of commercial business in order to increase the branding of the product in a monopolistic market. Professional product photography is the fundamental aspect of selling a business online as it depicts what service/product you are putting forward as well as why should a consumer consider buying it.

The ambit of product photography further branches out to lifestyle photography which shows how the products fits in the context of the consumers day to day reality, It aims to sell the overall idea of a better wellbeing.  Lifestyle product photography involves a comprehensive set designing unlike a professional product photography that is taken against a white background, the example of such images would be how products are depicted on shopping sites like Amazon & ebay. 

With the steady rise in the number of online shoppers the brand exposure of photogenic content is relatively higher than any other form of marketing, professional product photography serves an array of benefits apart from a good brand impression on a consumer. 

Here are a few key reasons why you should invest in a professional product shoot.

  • 65% of the buyers online are most likely to get influenced by trendy visuals which means they are more likely to get attracted to the aesthetic value of a product rather than the product itself. 
  • Aesthetically portrayed Photos lead to a 30% increase in sales rate. Through a good e-commerce photo you sell to the consumers how the given product fits into their lifestyle. Moreover they lead to massive exposure as they sell an idea of status and stature to the concerned consumer. An example of this is the Starbucks coffee or photos of newly launched iphone. They through professional photographs sell the idea of luxury that can be easily brought by the consumer through the purchase of their product. 
  • 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos to make a decision. This is because good photos help them place their trust on the brand and give them a fair idea of what they can expect from the particular product or service. 
  • 70 % of the big brands are investing in good e-commerce shoots -in order to entice the wants of a consumer. Psychologists who research on consumer habits say that a well defined photograph of a particular product caters to the consumer’s human instinct of ownership. This is why the sales conversion of top league companies are relatively higher. The appeal a customer gets from seeing a product being artistically portrayed caters to their wants which increases the demands of the products and ultimately caters to higher sales and profits. 

To conclude, Investing in a professional photo shoot will be the best decision you undertake for your ecommerce business. It will not only help you in increasing conversion rates but at the same time drastically upgrade your marketing campaigns given the excellent product imagery.

Running an enterprise that caters to optimal service requires consistency and this aspect also transcends to product photography. It is important that the way you photograph your products is consistent not only in terms of technical details which involves pixels, resolution, angles & details but also in terms of aesthetic value as only then will it represent a brand name that is progressing & improving. 

If you require photography services for your brand, talk to SpacePepper Studios today for reliable, on-demand photography services at an affordable, fixed rate. Feel free to contact a member of the SpacePepper team who will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have – and make sure to ask about our current product video add on offers. 

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