How to Plan Your Music Video as an Independent Artist

The Independent Music Scene in India has seen a surge over the past few years in the amount of music videos being put out. Most indie artists today want to release their own music videos and many even have their own creative ideas that they want to incorporate in the video. One of the best things about this is that they are funding it themselves which enables them to retain full creative control of their video. If you’re an independent artist who wants to put out their own music video, its very important to understand the process of video production and the services available to you for turning you vision into a reality.

Get the Aesthetics Right

Having a visual aspect to your music has never been more important than today. An artist needs to make fair use of graphical tools like colours, typography, costumes etc. to put forward a style that complements the type of music they wish to put forward. Proper use of this simple yet effective visual tools can set your video apart and help you create your own brand of music.

Find your Team

When planning a music video, it is important to be surrounded by like-minded individuals be it other musicians, filmmakers, producers and technicians. Search for the right set of people who understand your creative vision and your style of music. It is important for everyone involved in the making of your music video to be on the same page, right from the editor to actors (if any). Collaboration is the key to get the maximum output in your budget.

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Work quickly and efficiently

Have a solid plan in place well before you get the team together. Time is precious; mainly if your team consist of individuals who are working for free. Be respectful of every individual’s time and spend ample time on pre-production before you start shooting. Take the amount of time available into consideration and allocate it various stages of production accordingly.

Skip skipping locations

It is wiser to keep the production as simple as possible by sticking to one location for the shoot. Choose a place that is customizable so you can add various element and visuals to make your music video look attractive. Getting into the hassle of getting permissions to shoot at outdoor locations can be a tasking job and might turn out to be an expensive affair. Indoor locations are a good option as it allows you to control factors such as lighting and duration of the shoot.

Prepare well in advance

Keep everything prepared for the shoot well in advance. If you are planning a dance routine as part of the music video, rehearse for it well in advance. Source the props, lighting and accessories step up at the location a day before the shoot. Be prepared to give your best shot in front of the camera. Planning and preparing well in advance will help the shoot progress smoothly without any hiccups.

Get in touch with SpacePepper Studios for any help

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We understand artistic ambition and the constraints of a tight budget. We also know how to get the maximum output out of limited resources and develop an affordable production custom to your needs. If you have the music and the desire, we have the team to help make your video a reality.

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