Know What Are The 3 Stages of Video Production

Creating video content is not as simple as it seems. Considerable hard work is undertaken, and processes are followed behind the curtain, which is nothing compared to what you see in a video. When video production houses want to produce a video, there are generally a few stages that they must go through to get the final output.

The video that you see is not merely the video that has been shot and edited to be presented. There is a lot of processing and audio and video correction that is done through video production software. In this article, we are going to learn about the three stages of video production.

Three stages of video production

Video content is created for several purposes, such as promotional, entertainment, and educational requirements. Production of video content involves the entire process of bringing in resources, shooting equipment, actors, and estimating the budget of the whole video. The entire process is divided into three different sections. Let us understand the three stages in detail.


The first step that the video production houses undergo is the pre-production stage. It is the building stage of the video. All the processes and ideas developed in the early stage will be the core of the final video product. The first and foremost step in the pre-production stage is collecting the ideas and then making a definite plan according to the video.

In the pre-production process, the script for the video is developed. After the script is set, the estimation process is carried out to create a video according to the script. Post that, the equipment for the shoot may be bought or hired; actors to appear in the video are signed. The location for the shoot is also decided in the pre-production stage of the video plan. All crew members are assigned their roles and responsibility.

Once the entire planning is done, the shooting equipment is brought, and all the cameras and lighting are adjusted. It is regarded as the most critical phase of video production since steps taken in this stage play a significant role in the final result.

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Human Resources

These videos provide a window to look inside your business and to understand the culture and values on which your organization is built on. Before you ask your next set of employees that why should they join this company, let them find their reason for joining your company by providing an excellent image of your company.
Videos can also be utilized as a tool to train new employees during their induction phase. These videos are a great medium to convey the ethics and culture of the workforce and what is expected from the new employees. This is also an innovative method for training and hence, will make a good impression on your new employees. You can make these sessions extremely engaging through well-curated videos and hence, keep the employees super motivated on their first day at work.

Production Phase

After the first stage of pre-production is completed, the team moves to the production phase. It is the second phase of video content development. In this stage, the video for the content is shot according to the script developed in the first stage. The script is divided into different scenes and acts to shoot the video. It can be the lengthiest and most tiring phase for all the actors and crew members. While creating a professional video, a director or cameraperson records each section repeatedly until they get the perfect shot.

A lengthy script will take a longer time and would often require more expenses. However, it is regarded as the most crucial stage as whatever video is shot in this stage would be the face of the final product. Most of the improvement and editing of the script also takes place in this stage.

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Post-production phase

After the shoots have been completed, the video production house moves to the next phase of the video development, which is post-production. It is the third stage and is regarded as the defining stage, in which the final video content is produced. Once the videos are shot, an editor goes through all the takes, picks up the best video, and further processes it for editing.

The entire script comes together in the video editing stage. The editor of the video production company binds all the shots together to create the early product of the video. Once the video comes together, it goes through the color correction process, refining process. After this, the addition of audio and special effects takes place.

Once everything is completed, the video is finally released. The video production company sends it further to the customer it has been made for. The customer views the video, and then it is sent back to the production house with feedback if it requires any changes.

The video goes through the final editing and development process and is finally released for the audience to view. A video is not a mere shoot, edit and upload act; it is much more than that.


A video production house that creates videos has to go through these three development phases of video production. Every step is crucial and regarded as necessary to achieve a final product. The distribution of the video begins after the three stages of development are complete. Therefore, the next time you see a video, remember it is much more than what meets the eye.

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