Tips to Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Video

When one envisions to carry out an end to end video production they need to keep a few technicalities in mind. Good cameras, efficient space and styling are key elements but good lighting tops the priority list. Cameras need good lighting to produce a quality image and reels.

However, planning lighting is quite tricky as it depends on the type of video you make. For example videos like makeup tutorials need ultra bright LED ring lights to show up closeup and details, Corporate videos need warm or soft lighting to give it a professional edge whereas music videos need gel lighting for a more flattering look.

Lighting a set can be a process of trial and error. One needs to experiment with three point lighting, soft lighting, hard lighting, low key light and high key light in order to find the best balance between light and shots in your envisioned shots. One can refer to these lighting tips to ensure studio light quality.

Lookout for Natural Light :- Daylight can create inconsistent shadows and lighting given the inconsistent positions of the sun. If you are planning to shoot outdoors then do not rely on the sun as your light source. Kindly switch to lighting equipment to keep your lighting consistent.

Diffuse Harsh Light :- Lights with no dimming capabilities or diffusers are known as harsh lights one of the examples would be clamp lights. They are useful for high contrast scenes but for some scenes one should diffuse harsh lights in order to match the tonality of the video. One can diffuse these lights with softboxes or try bouncing the lights off a wall or reflector to reduce intensity.

Watchout for glare :- subjects who wear glasses may create glare or reflections, one can raise their key light to reduce the amount of reflections. One can also use indirect lighting or polarizing filters.

To ensure an efficient mood lighting it is necessary to keep a designated budget. The budget can depend on the lighting kit you are willing to use which is in coherence with the size of your shoot.

Small Budget Shoots :- DIY videographers who do not have enough capital to own expensive lighting equipment can invest in a few basic items to make their own lighting equipment. They can choose to purchase mounted LED work lights from a hardware store. However one of the drawbacks of these options is that they tend to be harsh and non-adjustable. So it is advisory to buy reflectors or diffusers to reduce the harsh effects.

In case you want professional quality videos you can book studio rentals where you will be provided with a designated space and equipment that will assist you in shooting on an hourly basis. You can also rent professional lighting from various places however it might prove to be expensive in the long run.

Big Budget Shoots :- Big shoots with sizable budgets should head to a professional studio setting who have a high grade industrial grid lighting and considerable experience of professional video shoots. In such studios you can find continuous lighting kits with fluorescent lights, dimmable bi-color LED light panels, or high-quality Tungsten bulbs. Along with diffusers, color filters, and camera light stands that will add the necessary professional edge to your shoot. Professional studios often have their own Director of Photography that might provide you with affordable lighting solutions and lighting references for your shoot.

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